Last Saturday brought a new member to our family … after almost a year wait, we have a new Tesla Model Y Long Range to park next to my Model 3 Performance. So, it’s goodbye to our beloved AMG-equipped Mercedes.

While the M-B still is a fantastic ride, it feels like an anachronism when you drive it … as though you’ve stepped back to an earlier time when gas powered cars reached their pinnacle. I’m so surprised even though I’ve been driving an electric car for only a year, that the Mercedes feels so old. It didn’t when I ordered my first Tesla. Is this what people felt when they got their first telephone instead of using mail? Regardless, the difference is stunning … despite the power of the M-B, it feels amazingly slow and more like a museum piece. I assumed I’d be going for Tesla’s $2000 optional “acceleration boost”, and I was wrong. I’m having a bit of worry thinking if everyone had a car this quick, there’d be more accidents until folks realized they had to use more common sense. This kind of power was previously only reserved for sports cars … even the so called “supercars” … and this is a “grocery-getter.” OMG!


This 2022 Model Y has the new upgraded computers, so I may be ordering a new Model 3 Performance with the upgraded computers, after seeing how amazing it is. It’s essentially using the chips normally used in gaming rigs, so it’s crazy fast. No other car in existence has ever had this level of computing power before. Incredibly smooth screen, responsiveness and sheer speed of performance reminds me of an Alienware laptop more than a car screen. While every car tester/reviewer complains about the screens for every other electric car, Tesla again shows the world how it’s supposed to done. The performance difference between the Porsche screen and Tesla is laughable. The screens in VW’s and Toyota’s are almost unusable in comparison.

While I’m a sports car “kinda” guy, I have to admit this Model Y may the most perfect everyday car.     If you can only have one car, this should be it. No wondering it’s already sweeping the world as the best-selling car in many countries. Not electric car, but best-selling car, period. A digital car for a digital world …

Musk says that the upcoming truck will be truly game-changing … I can’t even guess how much better it’ll be. Interestingly, while picking the new “Y” up, I met a guy getting his fifth new Tesla and he has SIX trucks on order. Tesla cars seem to breed these kind of people … true believers. I wish I could jump a decade into the future and see what Musk has done.

The Germans have a new special phrase now … “Teslageschwindigkeit” … translated, it’s called “Tesla Speed”, which means the future is coming in on Musk’s schedule … and he has his foot planted to the floor of a speeding Tesla. Somehow, that expression makes sense on several different levels.