On August 21st of 2015, I reviewed the original “Mistbox” which is headquartered in one of America’s hottest cities … Houston. By god these people have a great test-bed for their prototypes. Using superfine sprayed water into the condenser coils of an outside A/C, it increases the efficiency of the unit under stressful conditions. The A/C runs less, uses less electricity as a result and cools faster … the “Holy Grails” of a comfortable homeowner.

It’s hasn’t been smooth sailing as my original Mistbox unit failed and the replacement was even worse … So why am I still even “messing” with it and still optimistic about it? Because, when it works … it makes a difference. I was dealing with an almost $1200 a month electricity bill. That’s a house payment for some folks. We’d replaced the A/C’s themselves, had thermal shielding installed in the almost a third of an acre of roofing, installed Nest thermostats and installed aforementioned Mistbox. Each made a difference and now the bill has been more than cut in half. The amount of bucks spent paid for the entire upgrading in less than three years. Literally even during the worst summer heat (100+F with 100% humidity), the house interior temps can drop to where a blanket or jacket isn’t an option.

The newer Mistbox is so different that it could be from a different company. No more internet connectivity required, which was a huge problem for us as it was so far from the outrageously powerful modded router that we had to use signal extenders. Now it uses a cellular signal. No more external water filter/treatment canister. The solar cell is gone as many A/C units are in shadow … it’s charged by a wind turbine atop the condenser fan. You also now have an annual fee to keep it maintained and running correctly, but for it’s benefits, I believe it’s worth it. I’ve seen competitors trying to offer the pluses of the Mistbox for less bucks … they work to some extent, albeit in a crude way. By spraying when not needed (it ALWAYS comes on) such as at 2am just wastes water, provides small breeding ponds for mosquitoes and can cause the A/C to rust prematurely. There are times when simple, just isn’t best.

I have to sincerely compliment Mistbox on honoring it’s “lifetime” warranty … they “stood” behind it for me, replacing my defective old units, completely unaware that I run a tech site, as everything I test, (much to my spouse’s chagrin) … I buy … no freebies here. (Hello Alienware, I may make an exception for you)

Here are a few photos …

Upon opening …

All the goodies

New vs. old spray bars

No more leaking, cracking and breaking

Cutting off old spray bars

Mounted on A/C with magnetic cover off

Mounted on A/C with magnetic cover on

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