It’s becoming patently obvious that the electric car is going mainstream. Admittingly, the new electric Mustang is an overwhelmingly awful decision by Ford, but, it signals a surrender by them to the reality that gas-powered cars are “on their way out.” As a certified geek, one must have the hottest tech … and there is literally nothing hotter than Tesla right now. For an example, a one-year-old used Tesla Model 3, sells for MORE than it costs buying it straight from the factory new! Only Ferrari could previously boast this. So, out comes the checkbook. But, the buying experience is nothing I want to go through again. The best description of the buying process is clumsy, impersonal in the extreme, vague, confusing and uninspired. The dealers don’t even have business cards as to “save the planet.” I’m here to buy a car, I don’t think eliminating a few grams of paper filled with useful info, qualifies as saving anything but money for Musk.

I’m not sure how a probable 5,000+ lbs. tri-motor truck saves the planet, but I guess we’ll see. With a couple of Tesla’s on order currently, I can only hope that the new Tesla manufacturing plant in Austin is done soon. I’m being told by Tesla that the truck I ordered probably won’t be delivered until 2023 or 2024. Who knows how the car market will have changed by that time.

In “geek time”, that’s more than a lifetime.

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