Looking at one of the biggest transitions in modern history is fascinating. I wasn’t alive when flying became possible for the masses or when Mr. Edison showed his light bulb. However, I’ve seen computers, jet planes, cell phones and the internet become old news. There are people in the job market who have never known a world without these items. So I can’t help but smirk that the bulk of Millennials and Gen-Z, who think they own the future, don’t see the next huge change in their lives … BEVs. (Battery Electric Vehicles)

I just took a trip to San Antonio in the new Tesla Model 3 and my total cost for travel was … zero. The parking garage I used had free charging. Had this been any of our other cars it’d have been easily well over $100. This is at a time where gas in California has hit $8.49 a gallon for “super.” I sincerely have to admit I didn’t expect it would be this painless using an electric car for long distance travel. The Model 3 charged so fast at a Tesla-only Supercharger stop that I couldn’t finish my sandwich. It really didn’t need the charge after only about 150 miles of travel, but I was curious about the experience. I would have stopped anyway after a few hours of driving. And it couldn’t have been more positive. Literally, I backed into a stall, stepped out and plugged in the Tesla charging plug and walked away through the other folks standing at the pumps paying almost four bucks a gallon for fuel for their pickups. I had to restrain a laugh at a few Hybrids buying gas. Twenty to thirty miles on purely electric is absurd and that’s why that market is dying and countries are revoking “green” vehicle status for them. It’s entirely feasible to travel coast-to-coast for zero dollars. I’d never do that as I absolutely don’t have the patience for using the slow(er) chargers. But, it IS possible. Previously, only the hobos trainhopping could do that. I don’t see this continuing to be as common in the future as more people discover the advantages of electric cars. But, for now at least, the owners of BEV’s are enjoying this gift. And we only have one person to thank for this … Elon Musk. Due to unions, oil companies and politicians this wouldn’t have happened in the lifespan of Boomers or Millennials … perhaps not even for the Gen-Z folks when they hit social security. That’s why this is so life-changing. No need for gas stations, mechanical repair places, mass petroleum drilling, people who make engine blocks and air filters and so many other ancillary businesses that I’ve lost count. In many ways, it’s as equally significant as when the car replaced the horse, and businesses created over a century ago from the rise of Ford, will simply disappear in just a few years. We’ve turned that corner, and now it’s unstoppable … the only question remains is which car companies will survive, and that’s worthy of several blogs. Right now, looking from a 2021 perspective and knowing what I do, darn few …

Ironically, I believe Henry Ford would understand.

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