Driving a Tesla Model X is just more proof that gas-powered autos are an anachronism that time is leaving behind faster each day. I can’t help but wonder … this is so superior in every aspect to a gas-powered car, what is going to supplant it? Are flying cars the only option after all development of EV’s has concluded? Shame I won’t live long enough to discover what the future will bring …

Recently I had a Tesla Model X P100D in my driveway for a few days with unlimited Supercharging courtesy of my local “Dealer.” This beastie is rated by Tesla at 762HP, but as usual, I sense Tesla underates it … I’m guessing by the seat of the pants, after using the Ludicrous+ mode for acceleration that it’s probably more like 850hp. Driving my M3P you expect violence in hard acceleration as that’s why these things are “the” choice for go-fast car guys. Capable of humbling $450,000 Porsches for less than $65,000 makes them the most feared car to go against in a drag race. The Model X is a true wolf in sheep’s clothing as the 0-60 times are sub three seconds. The new Plaid version is even quicker at 2.5 seconds. But just like the Model Y, it’s an absolutely practical car to own even if you only can have a single vehicle. You can drive it as though it’s a grocery-getter while knowing that no Ferrari, Porsche or Lambo is remotely competitive if you decide to put your foot down. The fact that you’re several feet in in air, as it’s an SUV, is initially distracting as it literally leaps forward with the nose trying to reach for the sky when it jumps from the “Cheetah” stance to maximum acceleration. That mode lowers the front adaptive suspension in order to improve airflow around the vehicle during a hard launch.

You feel the electric motors clawing the pavement trying to find traction and it’s absolutely intoxicating.


The Falcon doors, that used to be a sore point with the initial production models, seems to have those issues behind them now. I’m also impressed with the “X” opening the front door automatically as I approach. I’ve found it such a joy to drive in traffic or on the open road as I’m just so much more relaxed compared to a gas-powered car. Having air-suspension guarantees a smooth ride and it’s adjustable in height for going offroad. It other respects, it’s just what you expect from Tesla … really, really quiet, unparalleled tech and features/safety available in no other SUV. This model has the enhanced auto-pilot which has truly impressed me … I honestly didn’t expect it to be any better than the standard auto-pilot, but it fooled with me better manners. The freaky “summon” feature lets you literally drive it s-l-o-w-l-y from your phone while standing outside of the car. It’s supposed to drive itself to where you are provided you’re within 200 feet, but I’m still not brave enough to call it to pick me up in front the grocery store.

Falcon doors seems entirely appropriate for the only SUV that acts like it wants to fly past everything on the road.

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