It’s just been announced by the Consumer Electronics Association that the official name for the next generation high def TV’s will be “Ultra HD”. Not 4K or 4X. Glad they cleared that up as I’m certain everyone knows what that means. Yep, clear as mud!

The pressing question now is what the next version after it will be called … Super-Dooper TV? Or as in the car business, “Super Ultra Turbo 8192P HD?” Regardless, there’s still nothing to watch even on the Ultra HD sets. I can’t wait to see how they explain the benefits without the appropriate media. Oh, and by the way, your new Blu-ray is not compatible. I’ll be certain to ask them uncomfortable questions in person in Vegas.

Right after I visit the zipper booth.


(update as of 2018)   We’re back to 4K again … I really liked Super Ultra Turbo 4K better …

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