The 30th of September was a good day.

The birds were singing in the sub 100 degree heat for the first time in several months, and my official 2011 CES badge arrived. I already had hotel, air and car reserved, but it’s the “golden ticket” makes it all happen. This event always begins an unstoppable chain of events. Now for most non-geeks their thoughts turn to sunscreen, what to wear and maps …. perhaps lots of maps. But for the transistor loving crowd, our “take along list” is somewhat, well, …. different. Clothes? Well, what ever I forget, I can buy at the outlet mall …. but try finding a micro 400X 32Gb SDHC like the one sitting on the kitchen table at home, in Vegas when you really need it.

Among my biggest concerns were chargers and cables …. and heavens knows, there are about a gazillion variants, thanks to each and every manufacturer using proprietary connectors. In an effort to squeeze every penny from the consumer (attention Apple!) they use plugs/slots/pins that aren’t used any where else in this galaxy. This requires I carry so many cables that they almost have their own suitcase ….  Knowing the trouble I’m going to have trying to clear TSA at the airport, I try to calm down by telling myself in case of a fire in one of those tall Las Vegas hotels, I can always tie them together for a way down. Now that I think about it, I suppose that the cables attract less airport security than if I was to carry one of those “executive parachutes” onto an airplane. (Excuse me mam’, could I slide your bag over to one side in the overhead so I can make room for my parachute?)

If you want a laugh (provided you’re not in a rush) get behind me when my “carry-on” goes through the X-ray and watch the eyes bulge out of the operator. It’s so packed with computers, cameras, flash drives, phones, iPods and too many other electronics to mention, that it blows the fuse of the ex-McDonald’s, twenty-year old TSA security genius. (Sir! Please follow these men over there …. don’t worry about your case …. they’ll get it for you)

This pre-CES planning brings up one of my pet peeves with all hotels. Not enough electrical outlets. One open plug was probably fine during the presidency of Calvin Coolidge, but it’s not even remotely enough today. So I wind up having to bring multi-outlet plugs and extension cords.

But, look on the bright side, if you’re traveling with me, those extra cords might save your life.


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